Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The season's first Tribune-Democrat basketball rankings

Other work commitments have kept The Varsity Club on the quiet side in recent weeks, and there were even thoughts of keeping the blog dedicated to high school football. But we're going to crank things up for the rest of the winter sports season and see how things go.

T-D sports staffer Shawn Curtis suggested The Varsity Club offer the area's first intergender basketball rankings. Interesting idea (kind of), but we'll keep things separate ... at least for now.

Since most teams are at or nearing the halfway mark of the regular season, seems like a good time to do some local basketball rankings.

1. Shade 10-0
2. Bishop McCort 6-2
3. Greater Johnstown 6-3
4. Penn Cambria 7-2
5. Somerset 7-4
6. Bishop Carroll 7-2
7. Cambria Heights 7-3
8. Northern Cambria 7-3
9. Richland 4-1
10. Conemaugh Township 6-2

1. Richland 9-1
2. Forest Hills 8-2
3. Berlin 8-2
4. Portage 9-1
5. Ligonier Valley 7-2
6. Westmobt Hilltop 7-2
7. Conemaugh Valley 7-2
8. Meyersdale 7-1
9. United 7-4
10. Conemaugh Township 7-2


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  2. I noticed there were not many tennis comments on this site and hopefully i can contribute something to it.

    Tennis is making a rebound especially in this area. My tennis league is helping.

    We have several organizations including mine in the Pittsburgh PA area helping to rejuvenate a sport that needs help.

    What do you think is the reason for tennis decline?