Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blue Jays way

Turning a program like Conemaugh Valley into a consistent, respectable opponent is no easy task.

The Blue Jays won a combined three game the previous three season (2009-2011), and they haven't posted a winning season since 2005, when Conemaugh Valley posted a 7-3 record.

Tough games remain against Blacklick Valley and Windber, so posting a winning record will prove difficult.

Yet. at 2-4 and with a game at Rockwood on Saturday at 1 p.m., Conemaugh Valley feels it's headed in a positive direction. Much of that has to do with last Saturday's 13-8 win against Meyersdale.

"(The players) are feeling better and we're getting better," Conemaugh Valley coach Winston Redman said. "I've said all along that our goal is to win four games this year. If we do that, that's a good step."

In order to achieve it's goal, Redman and the coaching staff gutted the team.

The Blue Jays will dress 24 players - two of them kickers - against Rockwood, which is undermanned as well.

"Next year, we'll have 30-35 kids. Probably 35. This year, we cleaned house," Redman said. "A lot of kids just wanted to wear the uniform but not be part of the football environment. We're down to the kids who really want to play football."

The small numbers have meant juggling positions and bringing up freshmen, but Redman sees progress. He hopes it continues at Rockwood, which is coming off a loss to Ferndale. The Rockets' lone win came against United.

"We won't do anything to put a player in harm's way, but we're using some kids who never played varsity before," Redman said.


  1. How is CV going to have 35 kids next year when they currently have just five juniors and three sophomores on its roster? There aren't 27 kids playing in 8th and 9th grade.

  2. Just going by what the coach tells me.

  3. If you are putting undersized 9th graders that never played varsity against seniors, you are putting kids in harms way.

  4. So far CV has been rather injury free. They have seven ninth graders on their varsity roster and fourteen eighth graders on their junior high team. That's 29 if everyone plays next year.

  5. Apparently the Blue Jay way is to berate 3rd & 4th graders, bully and threaten refs, fans, and anyone anywhere near the stadium, then call time-outs late in the 4th to stretch a 30 point lead to a 40 point lead.