Thursday, August 30, 2012

Geibel forfeits first two games

Districts 5 and 6 aren't the only places where some small school struggle to field enough players to field a football team.

A few years back, I covered the Avella football team as it made some national headlines when a cheerleader joined the team to help the Eagles reach 11 players. Imagine that going against Clairton. Seriously, it happened.

Now news comes out of Fayette County that Geibel Catholic, long a struggling football program, has forfeited its opening two games against Frazier and Beth-Center - two of the better teams in the Tri-County South Conference. In some ways, the news is probably welcomed for Frazier and Beth-Center as those programs get an opportunity to practice amongst themselves instead of playing a game against inferior competition.

Yet, it begs the question - why hold onto a program when there isn't enough players?

For more on the Geibel situation, click here.

While there aren't any programs within The Tribune-Democrat's coverage area facing such dire circumstances, the possibility exists it could happen some day. In the era of budget cuts, some schools need to look at the feasibility of fielding a football team.

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